Bicycle tourism in Latvia - Bicycle tourism in Latvia is as ancient occupation as bicycle itself and nowadays no comments are necessary. This type of tourism is one of the nature friendly types of tourism. It is impossible to reach completeness in bicycle tourism. Bicyclists always want to test their strength and endurance in new challenges and tests. If you are a supporter of active and ecologically friendTourism in Latvialy lifestyle, then the bicycle tourism in Latvia will be a challenge exactly for you.
   More and more frequently it is possible to meet Latvian bicycle tourists and of course also foreigners with huge travel bags on their bicycles on the roads of Latvia. The most typical and the safest variant are routs with the following qualification: low traffic roads or wood trails. Such routes usually are far from the cities, but if knowledgeable planners of bicycle tourism in Latvia, routes are involved then the most appropriate bicycle route for you will be prepared – appropriate for your abilities, needs and planned period of time. 

   Long-lasting experience of our enterprise will provide for you an opportunity to create a bicycle tourism in Latvia route in which will be included not only a destinations previously non-included in any other route, but also destinations well known and popular for tourists. Bicycle tourism in Latvia routes elaborated by us include works of art and cultural objects made by people, as well as sightseeing objects created by nature. Visiting these sightseeing objects the bicycle tourists will have an opportunity to see and enjoy nature features, picturesque landscapes. In addition to inquiring history and nature the bicycle tourists will be able to spend their free time outdoors actively and ecologically by enjoying the unforgettable magic of the nature.

   Our enterprise will help you to choose bicycles and bicycle equipment most appropriate for your ride, render consultations within the planning of the route. We will ensure the delivery of bicycle backwards or to the route point interested by you. We will perform repair or replacement of bicycles damaged within the ride.

   Recreation with a bicycle is one of the nature-friendly types of bicycle tourism in Latvia if the related routes are planned properly and deliberatively.


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